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Choose The wedding site will become an indispensable assistant in preparation for the event, pleasant surprise for your friends and a repository of your unique memories

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Wedding website creation

Making your wedding website more than ever easy and fast now. Our wedding service will help you to create the wedding website within 20 minutes. You will be able to choose the design, color scheme and services that you need. And if you want to change or add something, you can easily do it. We made sure that the creation of the wedding website was as comfortable for you as possible and intuitive algorithm of hints will help you with this.
You will be able to personalize your wedding site as much as possible thanks to the possibility of choosing a unique name for your wedding website. Just think of it and no one else will have one.
We made sure that the wedding website you created looks stunning everywhere: whether it's your neighbor's cell phone or a huge TV in the living room. You can be sure that your site will work well on any device that has Internet browser, even on your boss's clock.

Ideal wedding site for the newlyweds

A wedding website for newlyweds has become a stylish attribute of modern wedding and is designed to make communication between couple and guests easier.
There is no longer need of standard wedding invitations. Your own wedding invitation website will have a modern attractive look and maximum of information necessary for guests: about the venue, about the exact time and date, count down the time until the most important event in your life. Just send a link to all your guests within 3 minutes and they will know all the necessary information.
With the help of the wedding site you can tell your guests your love story, add interesting information about yourself and your second half. Tell about where and when the registration of marriage is planned to take place and where and in what style will the banquet be held. You can even add a map with exact coordinates to make it easier for your guests to find this place. This will save you from having to tell and show each of the guests how he can get to the spot. He just goes to the site and sees all the necessary information.

Wedding site with unique functionality

Your wedding website can become a stunning online gallery, for that it's enough just to upload photos or videos to your wedding website in two clicks and an incredible gallery will be ready.
Your wedding website can collect all your wedding photos from social networks: just mark them with your hashtag and they will appear on your wedding website.
Now even your guests who are not registered at social networks will see your photos.

Wedding websites designer

The designer of the wedding site is made logically, simply and clearly, you will immediately see all the changes and how your wedding website is being created. With the help of the designer you can choose not only the design but also the language, both for the site itself and the interface. Our wedding website designer was created with the direct participation of the leaders of the wedding industry from all over the world and meets all modern trends and needs. Try it yourself and make sure that it's really simple and incredibly interesting. Working with the designer will give you pleasure and the created wedding site will allow you to be proud of the result.

List of gifts for the wedding

Many newlyweds prefer to receive money for the wedding as a gift. Why? In fact there are at least two reasons: to avoid getting absolutely unnecessary things and in order not to burden your guests with brainstorming sessions on "what to give for a wedding". Of course, to receive the gift chosen for you is much more pleasant than a faceless envelope, but in this case there is another risk: taking onto account the number of guests, you can get two, three and even four identical things. This embarrassment can be avoided if to make a so-called "wish list" that will contain all the necessary things you want and even if you wish, with links to specific online stores where they can be purchased. Your guests can go to your wedding gift list and book the ones they intend to purchase, thus eliminating the possibility of buying the same things. As a result, the wish list created directly on your wedding website solves a number of issues- Firstly: you will receive really necessary things that you wanted to buy for a long time; secondly: you will receive everything in a single copy (only if you do not wish to pair gifts); and thirdly: your guests will be grateful to you for the help in choosing the presents and the absence of a headache.

Wedding website example

Examples of wedding sites made with the help of our service you can see on this site. This will allow you to fully experience all the huge potential and functionality that the designer of wedding websites provides.
Development of the wedding website does not require the payment for professional programmers work, for a long time to coordinate with them the design and the functions necessary for you. After all, with our designer everything is incredibly understandable and simple, and most importantly the result will surpass all your expectations. Wedding site will turn the creation of the wedding site into a simple and fascinating process.
You can try out the wedding website for free right now and make sure that wedding service is a cool, incredibly simple and effective tool for creating the perfect wedding site of your dreams.




01 Monte Carlo

Color 'Monte Carlo' symbolizes luxury lightness and tenderness

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02 Can Can

'Can Can' color makes your wedding website bright, dynamic and symbolizes your passsionate feelings

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03 Indian Khaki

'Indian Khaki' one of the trend color of the recent years. With this color your wedding website will look subtly and status

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04 Rose Bud

'Rose Bud' symbolizes love and youth. This color will make your wedding website more romantic

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05 Malibu

'Malibu' color wholly reveals light and tempting style of your wedding website

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Find This is how websites created by real couples with the help of the constructor look. The newlyweds chose colors that suit the style of their wedding and used all available tools to make their sites unique. So your wedding website may look like one these

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About us  History  Gallery  Friends  Wishlist  Program  Map
Photo slider and font selection
Bride & Groom
About us  History  Gallery  Friends  Wishlist  Program  Map
Photo slider and font selection
Bride & Groom

Is made as a slider with ability to adjust the type of animation and the speed of changing slides

Lovestory photo and video

Your lovestory is something that your guests are interested in. Describe the events, add to them a photo or video and do not limit yourself with the number


Name Surname

Tell more about this person. Add photos and links to social profiles

Name Surname

Tell more about this person. Add photos and links to social profiles
Best friends

Don't forget to tell about your best friends. Add links to their social profiles to improve communication

Google map
Event coordinates

Save some time and inform your guests the exact address where your wedding will be held

About Groom and Bride
Name Surname
Short story or favorite quote. The number of characters in the block is unlimited. Social buttons can be disabled. The icon can be changed
social links
Name Surname
Short story or favorite quote. The number of characters in the block is unlimited. Social buttons can be disabled. The icon can be changed
About us

Tell your guests about you and add links to your pages at social networks

Wedding schedule
Program of the day
Describe what this program item is about, how and what will happen
Describe what this program item is about, how and what will happen
Describe what this program item is about, how and what will happen
Describe what this program item is about, how and what will happen
Wedding programm
Program of the day

Plan your wedding day and tell the guests when and what you will be doing to give them possibility to prepare

Form Adding and removing blocks, changing their sequence and visual settings is possible at any time, even after creation of the site

New vision

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Help your guests choose a present for you. Make the list of your desires and leave the link to the detailed description or webstore


what to give



We would very much like to get a couple of new smartphones from Apple


With pleasure the labrador puppy would be given as a gift

Holidays in Spain

We will be happy if you give us a wedding trip to Spain

3 Social


It is now easier than ever to manage content, visual settings and audio background


Content manager
Visual settings
Sound manager
Quality standard


01 Responsive

Websites created in the constructor are fully responsive. They can be viewed on devices with any ratio

02 Cross-browser

Wedding sites are correctly displayed in all modern and popular browsers

ie icon
chrome icon
opera icon
safari icon
mozilla icon
Bow tie
03 Uniqueness

Dozens of icons for many items to choose from emphasize the special style and mood of the wedding

04 Dynamic

The change of block sequence is possible by simply dragging them over the icon in the control panel

05 Social

Integration with social networks. Connect Youtube, Facebook and also Vimeo videos for your story

Google plus icon
Facebook icon
Instagram icon
vimeo icon
Twitter icon
Youtube icon
06 Multilingual

Choose the convenient language for your site and change it if necessary by just a few clicks

Demonstrate The constructor's functional maximally provides the mandatory technical requirements for a modern wedding website. Thanks to new features and specially developed options your site will not just meet fashion trends but become a model for your friends and guests

Great taste

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You can contact us using this form:

Wedding site


About us

We work in the industry of organizing holidays since 2003, that is, we were one of those in Ukraine who was the first to offer a turnkey event. We have always tried to use the growth of clients and the experience gained not only for the development of the company, but also we tried to close the maximum number of “points of pain” for our clients, which we took upon ourselves and thus freed customers from unnecessary worries, incomprehensible business and wasting precious time.
As a result, after a few years of similar studies, we made for ourselves a seemingly lying on the surface itself, but never voiced discovery - while preparing for the wedding, the bride, as she mainly deals with all issues, spends a tremendous amount of time on: sending a message to all her friends and to the relatives about the decision of the couple to formalize the relationship and the inevitable story “how we met and how it was” to everyone who is not yet in the know; sending out or handing in person the invitation cards and explanations about the location of the exit ceremony and the banquet itself; message about the wedding theme and program of the day.
And even after the wedding, the care did not end and lasted for a long time, because it is absolutely necessary: ​​to collect from all the guests all the cool photos that they took; make sure that no one has posted photos from the wedding that the bride would not approve; decide how to store all the photos and how to share them in such a way as not to miss anyone and not to deprive; deal with gifts and decide on the fact that from all this give the next birthday to grandmother and how to get rid of three identical tea sets and the list goes on almost infinitely.
After analyzing this functionality performed by the bride, we decided to help her with this and, following the beginning world fashion, we created the designer of wedding sites. Thus, the mass is solved, as the above issues, and many additional simple mouse clicks.